membership renewal

when and how


The BdBKA year runs for 12 months from the 1st of October to the 30th of September. It does not matter when you joined the membership will always end on the 30th of September.

Renewals are requested and processed during September and October. 


If you are a current member you will receive an email invitation to renew, it is important that you follow the link in this email and check/correct the details we hold (see image below). 

We are no longer accepting Direct Debits and all existing mandates have been cancelled.

Sample invitation to renew


How do i add additional colonies to bDI

You can add additional colonies using the drop-down list at the bottom of your renewal invite, if you wish to add additional colonies later please contact the membership secretary. please include your membership number or postcode.

how can i find my membership number

your membership number will be on your invite to renew or any receipt for payment. if you no longer have them you can use the following link to have your membership number emailed to you. Retrieve My Membership Number

i have renewed my membership but the payment failed

Contact and a new payment link will be issued, please include your membership number and postcode.

why do i need to complete the renewal invite?

To ensure we have the correct details for email contact, postal address for the magazine, and gift aid declaration.

You will also need to select the amount of colonies you wish to insure through BDI

I have completed my renewal but forgot to pay

If you need to pay for your membership you can click here and pay online. 

i gave my payment to the shop or a committee member.

No matter how you pay you must always complete the invite to renew, use the “Notes to membership secretary” to add details of your payment.

My membership has lapsed, how do i reinstate it.

If you need to reinstate a lapsed membership please contact the membership secretary directly. 

need more help?

use the button below and select membership on the form