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The Bradford Beekeepers are a group of friendly beekeepers from Bradford and West Leeds. We are members of the Yorkshire Beekeepers Associations and the British Beekeepers Association. Our aim is to help people keep bees successfully and to enjoy helping one another to do things well. Beekeeping is best in the city and the suburbs and we can produce the best quality honey, candles and other hive products.

We hold winter discussion meetings and summer apiary visits. We also run training courses and have a library of beekeeping books and DVD’s for group members to use. Our membership ranges from University staff to truck drivers. What
unites us is the international language of the bee and beekeeping and the joy of working with these magical animals. As individuals and groups in Bradford become interested in beekeeping and encouraging bees in the city we aim to give them aid and support so that they can be as successful as possible. We will also help you if you find a swarm of bees.

Almost anybody can keep bees and you can keep bees almost anywhere. We have bees on the campus of Bradford University, on nature reserves, on a roof, on an allotment, in fields and in gardens. We have beekeepers who have been apiarists for more than thirty years and we have members who haven’t got bees yet. We are also very lucky because we have very good links with the National Bee Unit and the Regional Bee Inspector who provide FREE help and advice to our members. We also have very strong links with the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association.

what can we do for you?


We have a range of membership types even for none beekeepers.


We hold upto 3 new beekeeper courses throughout the year.


We have a well stocked shop and equipment loan service.


Through our members we can supply standard nucs.

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