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Pollinator ‘patch planting’ by the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) creates a buzz this Summer

Earlier this year the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) secured 1000 kg of wild flower seeds to distribute to its members at its annual convention in Shropshire. Theses seeds were donated by Burts Bees, as part of its ‘BringBackTheBees’ campaign, approximately 192 million seeds have been specially selected to provide a pollen and nectar-rich diet for honeybees and other pollinators and comprise a wide mix of 26 different, predominantly wildflower varieties.

Burts Bees is a long term sponsor of the BBKA’s scheme Adopt a Beehive, which raises funds for applied  educational and environmental projects in support of honey bees.

we are looking for various community groups, conservation groups and local projects. That local people can get involved in, helping support our bees. In the planting of wildflower seeds obtained through the British Beekeepers Association, fill in the form below to claim the seed pack, and say how you would make best use of them. We have allocated various amounts of seed packs to various parts of the district and we hope that local groups can use these to help bees thrive in their local area. We only have a certain amount of seeds and we will select the best project's that can make best use of the seeds to help our bees thrive.”