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Those of you who attended the AGM or one of the open committee meetings will know that we have been seeking funding to facilitate a ‘Bee Education Project’

Here are some of the details of the project.

As part of the long-term strategy for the apiary Bradford Beekeepers is seeking to develop curriculum material for primary schools and secondary schools to learn about all aspects of bees and beekeeping. This material would include information with regard to bee husbandry, bee physiology, bee ecology, and small business and marketing skills e.g. the production and sale of hive products such as honey, wax and propolis.

The vision is for schools, colleges and youth groups to bring children and young people aged 10 to 18 to the apiary so that they could get a look inside a working hive, see honey being extracted, make some candles and learn about suitable bee friendly plants and trees. For older young people the art of beekeeping as a small business will also be on the agenda.

It is hoped that this project would enable children of all ages to ‘bee aware’ and to develop a healthy interest in the environment. So far we have made contact with several schools, an academy and scout group, who are interested in partnering with us in this important area of environmental learning, but without extra resources in place we have been unable to deliver at any scale. To date BfdBKA have delivered talks within schools but have not been able to engage young people in ‘hands on’ activities, which play an important part in learning.

On Monday evening I received a phone call from Perry Austin-Clarke (Editor of the Telegraph & Argus), after a chat about the association and bees in general he said he had some good news for us, our application to the Gannett Foundation (The T&A Charity Fund) had been successful and have been awarded the full amount of £9,713.00.

Earlier today Perry Austin-Clarke presented the cheque to Paul Seage (Chairman), Anne Heaven (Fundraising) and Bill Cadmore (education). The photos and article will be in the T&A.

I would just like to say that this project and other projects such as the apiary, extraction room, training groups, weekly summer meetings and reduced price equipment would not be possible without the hard work of the GPC volunteers. If you feel you could help in any of our projects and a have a spare few hours a month  please let us know.


David Lamont

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