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An extended course for new beekeepers will be held in 2018 on Thursday evenings at Bradford University and at the Bradford Beekeepers Association Apiary.

It will include lectures on beekeeping, beekeeping equipment and Honeybee biology, as well as practical honeybee handling sessions. The course is designed for complete beginners or beekeepers with limited experience who are seeking to improve their knowledge and beekeeping skills.

The course is delivered by members of the Association who are both experienced beekeepers and educators. Widely aknowledged as one of the best courses available trainees should be able to start their careers as a beekeeper in May 2018, and will have enough know-how and skills to gain a nationally recognised qualification as quickly as possible.

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The Course:4th January 2018! ! Lecture and workshop1! Honeybee Biology

18th January 2018!! Lecture and workshop1! Beekeeping Equipment / Beekeeping Organisations

1st February 2018! ! Lecture and workshop1! Hive Inspection - The art of ‘reading’ a colony

15th February 2018!! Lecture and workshop1! Honeybee life cycle and swarming

1st March 2018! ! Lecture and workshop1! The beekeeping year and Siting an Apiary

15th March 2018! ! Lecture and workshop1! Hive Products

5th April 2018! ! Lectrure and workshop1! Apiary Hygiene and Bee Diseases

19th April 2018! ! Workshop2! ! ! Assembling equipment - essential skills

3rd May 2018! ! Beekeeping & Debrief2! Inspecting a colony of bees in a small group

17th May 2018! ! Beekeeping & Debrief2! Inspecting a colony of bees in a small group

Rest of Summer! ! Mentor assisted care of a hive at our association apiary2

September 2018! ! Review of Course! ! Q&A session for course members

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